Very Nice Kamakura Period Ko Mihara Wakizashi

This is an absolutely stunning Kamakura period Ko Mihara sword.  Let me start off by saying that if this sword would have been a katana it would have been a serious candidate for Juyo.  The cutting edge is just over 23 1/4" long.  The hada is a very tight ko-itame with flawing kinsuji and sunagashi flawing though the ko nie based sugu hamon.  The sword is in new polish and shira saya with gold foil habaki.  It also received a Tokubetsu hozan paper from the NBTHK.  When I bought it it looked like a Rai when out of polish state but in polish it is clearly a classic Ko Mihara masterpiece.


This is a piece of paper fiber on the Kissaki

Again the fiber on the kissaki

It is difficult to photograph but the whole blade looks like this!