Aizu Kanesada

This is a beautiful wakizashi!  One of the finest examples of the Kanasada den.  Attributed to Aizu Kanasada himself, it reflects all the finer qualities that made him famous.  Loaded with sunagashi, nie and nioi abound.  The temper line is awesome, with some of the "peaks" going over the shinogi line, characteristic of the great master's work.  This is call toran hamon.  Yoshikawa sensei liked it so much that he and his shinsa team put 4 hanko on the papers.  Hard to find a more desirable piece for the price. 

This is the Aizu Kanasada mumei wakizashi. Length 7 sun 8.5 bu (21 3/16 inches) Hamon- o-gunome midare, with toran hamon(sugu fukaku yaku (deep temper)).

 Mekugi ana one, yasuri is kiri. Mumei, takao province genroku era (1688-1703) attributed to Aizu Kanasada. N.T.H.K. kanteisho papers wioth Yosikawa sensei and 3 other hanko on papers!