Papering services in Japan



As one can surmise from the above description, considerable time is invested in the process of importing and exporting Japanese swords. That is
why agents handling swords charge handling fees. Artswords charges $400 
for licensing, forwarding to artisans, shinsa
submission,* and return postage. 

*The client is responsible for all fees arising from the shinsa regardless of 
outcome. The client is also responsible for the cost of all sword

The cost of sword services is to be determined on an item by item basis with 
payment for restoration due after licensing has taken place. Many
artisans require payment in advance. Shinsa fees will be billed after the shinsa results are known as the cost varies depending upon the result.
The handling charges are to be paid at this time as well. A detailed statement of agreed upon services and the cost of stated services will be
provided. Amounts will be quoted in yen but payment should be made in U.S.  dollars for the yen equivalent to: William Rannow of Artswords Inc.