A Beautiful Huge Gendai-To By Echigo Sadakiyo

This beautiful massive Gendai was made by Echigo Kuni Ju Uemura Sadakiyo Kinsaku Kore.  The blade has very nice dragon and bonji horimono that the nakago says was carved by Kawabe Akitada (Abe Akitada).  Abe Akitada was the student of the famouse Gendai sword smith Kurihara Akihide.  As a side note Abe Akitada carved Hori on many fine blades!  This blade was made in Showa 17th year (1942) one Lucky Day in February.  This sword has a cutting edge measuring a whopping 28 7/8" long.  The sword is in full old polish with the exception of some small chips along the cutting edge.  This smith was born in 1884 and his real name was Uemura Yasuhachi.  This is one of the most impressive Gendai I have ever held.  I had the shirasaya fixed and a solid silver habaki made for the sword. I can also have the sword polished for the new owner for about $1000.



Here are a couple of pictures of the new solid silver habaki I have made